• Aquanil

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    Aquanil Waterless Wash is a blend of bio-degradable detergents and our macro polymers. CROFTGATEUSA’s advanced multiple polymer formula breaks down and suspends dirt and grime while replacing it with a protective layer of macro polymers, leaving your vehicle clean and with a longer lasting shine you can be proud of. Anti-statics contained in Aquanil will keep dust off your vehicle surfaces longer and make it easier to remove.

    $29.99 $20.95
  • Multi Clean

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    Multi Clean
    32 oz Quart Trigger Spray Bottle of CroftgateUSA's All-in-One Multi Surface cleaner. Multi-Clean has the ability to remove heavier then normal dirt and films that conventional cleaners can't touch. Pollutants like road debris, bugs, tar, bird droppings and much more. Use it on the outside of your vehicle surface and on the inside!

    $19.99 $14.15
  • Quick-n-Slick

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    Quick-N-Slick will treat 12-16 cars depending on size and individual usage. QUICK N SLICK A New Polymer Polish & Paint Protection Technology. When used to treat a cleaned car QUICK N SLICK immediately shows an extreme brilliant shine while the new Reactive Polymer Technology begins to cure providing a longer lasting, protective, slick, detergent resistant coating and brilliant shine. It continues curing and hardening over the next 24 hours. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

    $39.99 $29.95
  • Tire Shine Plus

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    TIRE SHINE is formulated with the highest quality ingredients by a team of scientists dedicated to producing quality products with the lowest environmental impact.To help protect the environment, and your tires, TIRE SHINE does not contain any petroleum solvents. Petroleum solvents can adversely affect the structure of the tire and leave a brown rather than dense black finish.

    $19.99 $16.45
  • Wash N Wax

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    Wash N Wax
    8 oz. bottle

    This advanced formula creates lubricity, reducing friction on the surface being washed. Cleansand builds a deep lustrous shine that can only be achieved by using the finest waxes and polymers in the world. The exclusive cross-linking polymer technology used by CroftgateUSA provides a soil and water repellent protective layer. This unique, protective coating makes water sheet off and prevents dirt adhesion to the paint surface.

    $19.99 $13.90